Stockbroking Services

Our clients benefit from the personalised service of a dedicated Client Relationship Manager. Whether you are a regular investor or someone who is completely new to the concept of investing in the stock market, MFSP Financial can help you build a portfolio of investments based on your personal strategy by means of our stockbroking service. 

Buying and selling bonds, shares and tradable securities with MFSP Financial is extremely straightforward. Your request to trade securities both on the Malta Stock Exchange as well as on major international stock markets will be processed in a fast and efficient manner. 

Investments traded on the Malta Stock Exchange may be registered either directly in the client’s name or in our nominee name. Foreign securities are registered in our nominee name.

Placing an order for a local or foreign bond, share or tradable security is easy. All you need to do is pay us a visit and fill in an order form which will include the tentative consideration you wish to trade.


MFSP Financial Management Ltd (“MFSP”) was set up in November 2007. It holds a category 2 investment services licence issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) regulating the provision of investment advisory and nominee services. It is authorised to hold and/or control client money and assets in the provision of these services.