MFSP Financial Management Ltd (MFSP) was set up in November 2007. It holds a Category 2 Investment Services Licence issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) regulating the provision of investment advisory and nominee services. It is authorised to hold and/or control client money and assets in the provision of these services.

MFSP is made up of an energetic team that strives to support individual and corporate clients with their financial requirements. In the areas of business of our company, we seek to achieve financial growth using investments, peace of mind through life insurance protection, long term savings, retirement planning solutions, pension planning and general insurance business.

MFSP Financial Management Ltd is licensed to conduct investment services business by the Malta Financial Services Authority. MFSP Financial is an enrolled Tied Insurance Intermediary under the Insurance Intermediaries Act, 2006 for MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c. (C-5553) and MSV Life p.l.c. (C-15722). All the companies are authorised by the MFSA.